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Reza Bahram

Singer, Yazd

Reza Bahram, born on January 11, 1991, in Yazd, is a well-known Iranian fusion music style singer.
He is the second-born child in the family and has two athletic sisters, one older and the other younger. His older sister is a bodybuilding instructor and horse-back rider, and his younger sister is a kayaker.
His father, who was Reza Bahram’s first encourager in the field of singing, passed away in 2005, therefore, Reza set singing aside. At that time, he was playing soccer, he played for the “Foolad-e-Yazd” team for a while, and after that, he also played for the “Foolad-e-Khouzestan” team for a while, unfortunately, he was injured in it. Three years of injury and surgery led him to quit soccer.
On the other hand, this caused him to return to music and increased his interest. He believes that his mother’s support has played the most important role in his success. In addition, he claimed that his mother has been the only person who has supported him after his father. He asserted that first God then his mother have been the main supporters.
A year before entering the university in 2009, he started music seriously and in 2014, he continued it professionally.
Reza graduated from Yazd Science and Culture University and he has a BA in financial management major.
His first official song was produced and released on July 20, 2016, with the title “Az Eshgh Bego”. Its lyrics and Melody was Hamed Dehghani and Arranger was Massoud Jahani, which had been extremely popular.
“Az Eshgh Bego”, with the voice of Reza Bahram, was performed at the beginning of the closing ceremony of the 36th Fajr Film Festival, in Milad Tower, Tehran.
The music of “Gol-e-Eshgh” and “Divaneh”, performed by Reza Bahram, has been on the list of the most downloaded Iranian music in the whole world for two years in a row.
He performed 150 concerts in 4 months and 40 concerts were held in the most magnificent hall of Iran, the luxurious Spinas Palace with a capacity of 2,500 people, which fortunately was accompanied by a significant welcome from his fans.
Reza Bahram’s other activities include cooperation in the theme music of the home drama series “Mamnue” and “Del”.
In the end, it is worth mentioning that he collaborated with the Ghoghnous cultural and artistic Institute.

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